Are you a lover from the better vintage hard ware , and goes you hart faster by seen ore hear these beautiful technics from the seventies and eighties.





Maybe  you regret now that you Said goodbye to these good times hard ware, and maybe you change it for the today bread-tin noise.

By us you get the chance to hear this good technics every day again in your own house. 

We buy, sell and exchange from inland and the rest of the world.




All incoming  hardware goes from  the audio practice room to the test hardware.



Here become, among other  the turntable fit with new parts like a new needle, belt and bearing roll.

After 20 years Usually this parts are worn out ore dried out.

We don’t sell “attic” sales!! After thorough tests, we place the record players on the internet.   



We make  in our own studio the precise pictures  that belong  to the turntable, amplifier, tuner, or compact disc etc. 

We don’t  borrow  ore touch up pictures from others.

Rob is a professional and he have more than 40 years experience with audio





Together with  you we will keep  these beautiful quality hardware, 

but also enjoy  the warm sounds from these nostalgic hardware


We buy, sell and trade in from home and abroad.

All incoming audio devices using the practice to the test.
Here include the record players with new features such as a needle, string and bearings.
Most of these parts after 20 years parched or worn.
We sell no attic clearance players! After thorough testing on the Internet are offered for sale.
Of course there warranty data. 

We make in ore own studio the right pictures at the turntable, amplifier, tuner or CD player, etc.
We’re no borrow ore retouching photos of others.
Rob is a professional and he has more than 40 years experience in audio field.

Together with you we would like to keep this beautiful quality equipment.
But also enjoy the warm sound of this nostalgic equipment.
Above love for vintage equipment is a hobby evolved from my professional Audio Video Service.
Maybe we can do for you.

For some time we can also help as Vinyl LPs and maxi singles.

Exel or Word lists can be sent via mail.

The record sales in recent years greatly increased. While the CD sold fewer, provides for the dance scene that the long-playing record (LP) is back. It even goes so well that record manufacturers Record Industry Haarlem from the barely possible. The major record company in Europe in 1998 took over the old record of press factory on Sony Music.

The LP, vinyl now, is by almost all DJs use. They swear by the creaking black plates. In addition to the plates is dance music of Robbie Williams and Novastar on plate. These are increasingly sold.

At different plates from the years 60 to 70 and 80, we can help you.

Source: NIS News